Answering the call to spiritual direction

I feel I have been called to assist the spiritual journeys of others as a spiritual director or a spiritual companion. I have long been interested in helping others to experience the joy of communion with the divine in various aspects of life, through art, through music, through dance, through touch as well as through the words I have written and the words I have spoken.

But now I find myself answering a deeper calling, one that requires me to quiet and center myself so I can listen attentively and actively to the spiritual journeys of other people. I hope to learn to empty myself enough to create space for someone else to tell their story of encounters with the divine and realize for themselves (with help from the Spirit) the ways the divine has intersected their lives. I have been told that I have a talent for this. Nevertheless, I have committed myself to a two-year program of study that will expose me to a variety of spiritual practices as well as help me learn to listen.

The program I have chosen also promises to ground me in a mutually supportive community of others from a variety of backgrounds who have likewise committed to pathways of service to others in this manner. There is plenty of reading to be done. There is a little writing. But what I think I will find the most valuable is the encouragement to practice (in community and alone) the disciplines which allow one to be open to the divine. I am grateful for this calling. I am grateful for this journey. And I am grateful for the wealth of resources, human and otherwise, that Spirit has placed in my path to help me go deeper into communion with both the divine and the vast, rich diversity of God’s creation.

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